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Happily addictive CRM that reconciles organizational efficiency with pleasure of work

Efficiency and Happiness

In today’s competitive landscape, employers are increasingly faced with a double challenge of organizational efficiency and employee happiness. Business books tell YOU to optimize all resources and to maximize the profitability of every second employees spend at work. This, however, is opposed by organizational psychologists and HR professionals who ask YOU to take care of the soft issues: organizational culture, workplace atmosphere and employee happiness.

It seems, therefore, that an employee now has to play the double role of an all controlling overseer, and a happy caring fairy. It’s a tough feat to pull off. Efficiency and happiness are like those two cousins who no longer talk to each other and can’t spend a minute together in the same room. It’s about time we make them friends again.

Hanna CRM efektyvumas ir laimė

Building little empires

A tool for small and medium-sized enterprises, HANNA CRM offers a wide range of client relationship management features including project management, task management, contract details, potential customers, sales management, smart agenda, reservation management, and warehouse management. As you and your employees grow accustomed to these features, you will feel as if you’re playing a simple, yet very addictive, strategy game. When we first sat down to create this tool, we wanted it to be the most happily addictive CRM system around. With no nonsense allowed. And that’s what we did.

The user interface is laid out in a comfortable, playful and engaging fashion, reminding one of the most pleasant experiences of strategic game playing. In such a way, workplace efficiency is no longer experienced as a gloomy top-to-bottom command, but rather an exciting daily game. By planning, managing, and analysing their tasks in HANNA CRM, employees feel as if they are building their own little empires, just like in a game! What’s more, HANNA CRM is fully integrated with TELE2 Tasker tool, which extends functionality to manage field service.

Hanna CRM mažųjų imperijų statymas

Real-Life Functionality

Developed by FUTURE IT, HANNA CRM is one of those rare IT systems that actually work. The sad reality is that most modern IT tools, as great as they are, fail to work in practice, because people don’t understand them and don’t like to use them. This is the great tragedy of most failed attempts to apply big IT solutions to the management of people: the technology is there, but the understanding of human psychology isn’t.

What we did was went out and combined our programming know-how with our knowledge of what makes people happy and enthused. HANNA CRM is a system that is built on a sound understanding of real employee needs. Let your employees play and enjoy their time at the office. And You will be rewarded.

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