Sales, customer and project
management program

All the functions you need for your business to thrive

Hanna CRM features

Customer Details

All the functions you need to keep good relationships with your customers and to provide excellent customer service.

Sales Organization

Managing the sales process from registering a new client to creating sales documents and goods sweeping.

Project Management

Planning and coordinating project activities. The control of time spent on delegating tasks, incurred expenses and assigned resources.

Contact Database

Contacts are the air your company breathes, so managing them should be as comfortable as it can be.
Database of existing customers and leads. Company registration details, contact information, communication history, and more - all you need is easy and fast to find. Sorting and segmenting contacts will benefit areas such as communication or marketing.

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Hanna CRM Contacts Database

Tasks Control

The organization of the company's activities is based on the distribution of tasks and responsibilities. Hanna CRM system is focused on task management. Convenient functions for delegating jobs and planning your personal agenda.
Comment and file attachment functions allow you to capture results and relevant information in one place.
Function for repetitive tasks enables you to plan routine activities very easily.

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Hanna CRM Tasks Management

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Sales Planning

How much can we sell this month or quarter? This is a frequently asked question when planning cash flow.
The ability to have different sales processes and stages will allow you to accurately predict how much revenue each manager can generate, either individually or as a whole sales team.
Determining sales opportunities and setting an appropriate duration for each stage of the sales process. Sales pipeline and sales forecast schedule.

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Hanna CRM Sales Pipeline

Sales Operations

One of the most important steps in completing sales operations is creating sales documents.
The system has the functionality of issuing Pro forma Invoices and Final Invoices. Sending documents to customers directly from the system.

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Hanna CRM Sales Operations

Project Management

Every major customer order or internal company project requires pooling human and material resources.
Projects module in Hanna CRM enables you to plan project activities, split them into smaller stages and tasks, displaying and adjusting project plans using the Gantt chart.
In the Projects tab you can reach all the necessary information - contacts, task plan, assigned resources, expenses, accounts, files and notes.

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Hanna CRM Project Management

Register of Contracts

Digital register of contracts with customers and suppliers is a necessity for every business.
Agreements accumulated in the system will ensure faster retrieval of relevant information with the possibility to sort contracts by type, enabling the automatic numbering of contracts.
There is also the function that allows you to generate contracts in PDF and DOCX formats.

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Hanna CRM Document Management

Users about Hanna CRM

We have different selling channels and Hanna CRM helps integrate different departments for better customer support.Great advantages are click to call function and integration with email. Customers‘ support are open for new ideas for functionality, usability, also, solve issues very fast.

Alternative Text
Valentinas S.

Hanna CRM system is already integrated with few IRP systems,so it was easy to start using it. Compatible with all types of phones, so all functionality is able to reach using smartphone. Integration with field service management system Tasker gave possibility to improve our service activity.

Alternative Text
Andrius U.

Hanna CRM system is very user friendly. It has all the tools to optimize your business process. The system has great project management possibilities, also a lot of useful reports. With this CRM you can control all your business processes because of basic integration with third part systems.

Alternative Text
Ruslanas S.

Expenses Register and Control

Every business manager or owner wants to know where the company‘s money is spent.
The Expenses module allows you to capture all planned and incurred expenses. In addition, the expenses can be sorted by allowing you to see their distribution and expense categories.
For businesses that want more control, it is possible to activate the functionality of the planned expenditure (procurement) approval.

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Hanna CRM Expenses Control

Inventory and Stock Management

Atskiras modulis, kuris leidžia sekti produkcijos likučius įmonės sandėliuose. Galimybė stebėti atsargų lygį bei jo kitimo istoriją, pildyti užsakymus tiekėjams, organizuoti prekių pajamavimą bei pervežimus tarp sandėlių.
Prekės kortelėje pateikiama detali jos likučių sandėliuose kitimo istorija.

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Hanna CRM Stock Management

Information Search

IInformation search feature enables you to select the information you need quickly and conveniently. All system modules have default filters and contextual search for any fragment of information you may be looking for.
In addition, the system has a global search that runs through all the modules in the system.

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Hanna CRM Search Functions

User Rights Control

User rights control allows you to protect information from unauthorized employees gaining access to it and at the same time it is possible to assign only the relevant functions to everyone. This minimizes the likelihood of errors and gives you the opportunity to work without excessive information.

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Hanna CRM Access Control

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