Integration solutions
that expand business opportunities

Hanna CRM system offers a ready-made integration package and is open to integration with any platform

Hanna CRM integrations

Real Time Data

Access data from other systems of the company. The most current and relevant information helps you make the right decisions.

Automated Processes

Forget manual data loading or sync activation. All data exchange processes are automated.

Two-way Integration

Importing relevant data and exporting processed data to external systems.

Integrated with E-mail

Hanna CRM has a built-in integration with e-mail support. Each system user can enable mailbox scanning and store messages to the Contacts and Prospect Contacts records in the system. Storing your correspondence history in the system ensures productive sales processes and a better quality of customer service.

Hanna CRM E-mail Integration

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Integration with telephony

Telephony integration solutions enhance the benefits of the system in everyday sales or customer service operations. Main functions of the integration include:
Recording of incoming and outgoing calls
Linking calls with customers
Linking calls with employees
Call reports.

Hanna CRM Phone Integrations

Integrated with Tele2 Tasker system

Hanna CRM is integrated with the Tasker system. This feature expands the functionality of Hanna CRM and ensures swift mobile workforce management. Tasks are assigned to your employees via a mobile application as employees do not need direct access to the CRM system. Two-way integration allows you to monitor the status of tasks in real time.

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Hanna CRM Tasker Integration

Calendar integration

The possibility to activate task integration with Google or Office365 calendars allows you to access a planned agenda from a variety of devices.

Hanna CRM Google Calendar Integration

Data of Lithuanian companies from

Entering new contacts or leads is very easy. All you need to know is the name of the company – all the other data will be automatically imported from the most popular corporate database. →

Hanna CRM Integration With Companies Database

Users about Hanna CRM

Hanna CRM system is very user friendly. It has all the tools to optimize your business process. The system has great project management possibilities, also a lot of useful reports. With this CRM you can control all your business processes because of basic integration with third part systems.

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Ruslanas S.

Hanna CRM system is already integrated with few ERP systems,so it was easy to start using it. Compatible with all types of phones, so all functionality is able to reach using smartphone. Integration with field service management system Tasker gave possibility to improve our service activity.

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Andrius U.

We have different selling channels and Hanna CRM helps integrate different departments for better customer support.Great advantages are click to call function and integration with email. Customers‘ support are open for new ideas for functionality, usability, also, solve issues very fast.

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Valentinas S.

Integration with MailerLite

Hanna CRM integration with MailerLite enables to automize email marketing process. Integration enables to segment clients and according to their criteria automatically add to subscriber groups. Save your time and enhance your customers satisfaction by sending them personalized emails with just a few clicks!

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Hanna CRM MailerLite Integration

Integration with Zapier

This type of integration further enhances application capabilities of Hanna CRM. With the Zapier tool, you can integrate the CRM system with a variety of applications and IT solutions.

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Hanna CRM Zapier Integration

Integration with accounting programs

Two-way API integration with accounting systems (Rivilė, Pragma, iScala, etc.) extends the functionality of Hanna CRM and provides access to real time accounting data. Two-way API integration of contacts, goods, stock, Pro forma Invoices and Final Invoices.

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Hanna CRM Integration With Rivile Accounting Software


Hanna CRM has a ready-made API software integration that allows you to integrate the system with other internal or external applications used by your company.

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For your convenience, we offer a 30-day trial of Hanna CRM for free.

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