Live support

One of the Hanna CRM highlights is live customer support via various channels

Live Chat

For your convenience, contact us through live chat and just in few seconds you will receive answer from Hanna CRM consultant. Chat advantage is that your waiting time is reduced to minimum. Also, as real Hanna CRM team member participates in Chat conversation, it is way easier to check your inquiry or share visual material.


User Guide

In order for you to always be able to find information about Hanna CRM program, we have prepared user manual with detailed modules and their settings description. You can reach user guide via this link: - here you can also use live chat!

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E-mail Support

Alternative to Chat is e-mail support. Write an e-mail to our consultant to and receive your answer as soon as possible.

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Phone Call

By calling us you would be able to provide more detailed explanation about your inquiry. Benefit is that you receive an immediate help to solve your problem. Contact Hanna CRM support team: +370 643 59995.

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